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House Z

AR is commissioned for the design of a new home in the city of Zoetermeer. On a location where encounters between different architectural styles, traffic routes and sightlines take place it is the task of AR task to create a living space which connects completely to the wishes of the client and its location.

Butcherstore Meppel

Local crafts together under one roof and let customers taste the origin of the product was the wish of our client. To turn the property from a furniture showroom to freshstore all additions to the hull structure were removed and we maintained the structure in its purity.

Bathroom Black and white

Through a mix of 60% white and 40% black we created a composition which makes this bathroom spacious and light and in combination with the right products a strong connection is made between all components.


The Seevillen project began as a project where the developer aimed at creating high quality living spaces on a unique location alongside the Neusiedler See, but eventually grew into much more than that.

Our services

We believe in a personal design and therefore we involve you as directly as possible at all stages in the project.

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AR likes to work in close partnership with you as client on the project to work out every detail.

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AR does not leave you to your fate after the design process.

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The contemporary architecture of AR starts from a strong concept that fits the lifestyle of the client.

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