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Living in order

Research shows that more and more children diagnosed with ADHD will be assigned. While this increase in the age group of 6 to 15 per year at 25% are girls and for boys 14%, the number of cases in boys is still higher. 

Living on the edge

Winner Gemma Smit Architecture Award 2012!

This project is a private assignment for an entrepreneur from the city center, and the question was posed, how could the family find peace on the edge of that same city. The site located where the city and open planes meet, and therefore has an obvious recognition that cannot be ignored.

Our services

We believe in a personal design and therefore we involve you as directly as possible at all stages in the project.

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AR likes to work in close partnership with you as client on the project to work out every detail.

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AR does not leave you to your fate after the design process.

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The contemporary architecture of AR starts from a strong concept that fits the lifestyle of the client.

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