The right choice is different in each project, in addition to form, the choice in material is one of the most inportent consideration. Contrast and coherence is decided because of that choice. In our architecture we choose carefully the right material combinations for the best fitting result and the correct tensity.

AR understands that it is important to establish a design based on the senses of the human body, because it allows the experience of the environment to be even greater. We adjust our architecture, materials and method, therefore the design will be durable and have optimum performance in terms of touch, acoustics and sight.



The effects of color on our well-being is enormous. It affects our concentration, thought, arouses us, activates and gives peace. Color plays a big part in our designs, it gives extra personality to the design.

Not one project is the same and therefore AR spents extra time at the beginning of each project to learn the clients wishes and background. We look at each project for the right combination of color and material to bring peace, space and recognition in a unique way in the design. This gives each project its own special character.


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Daylight brings any project to life. It provides guidance and steers our biological clock. But since there is a possibility that you can have too much daylight, it is our mission to find the right balance.

Daylight and view are two separate things that are hand in hand with each other in a design. The surroundings and orientation are linked with daylight and views and affect the design in many ways. Every project is unique and therefore investigated by us time and time again. So you are assured of a design made specialy for you.


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