Residence Le Garage

In the east of Holland, a new appartment building with 12 appartments in various sizes, named 'Residence Le Garage', will rise in the course of the year on the edge of a villagecentre. We were commissioned to provide the design in collaboration with Bureau ANS Architectuur.

The characteristics of the location form the basis of the design. The boundary lines provided the opportunity to build the volume in a more dynamic way and the staggered balconies give the building a clear layer structure. This shadow effect gives the building a good depth experience and integration among the surrounding houses.
The red brick also combines well with the wooden panels and the black railing. It forms a clear unity.

Creating a sustainable building was at the top of the priority list. In addition to a high-quality insulation package, the complex is also equipped with the latest energy-efficient heat pump system. In addition to the use of the latest technology, the life-cycle-friendly design of the appartments was very important to us in order to achieve the most sustainable possible result. The appartments can be divided in various ways with wide corridors and doorways to provide a good home for people of any age and physical condition.

Year: 2021
Client: Development
Phase: In progress
I.c.w.: Bureau ANS architectuur

Arjen Reas Architecten ANS Le Garage
Arjen Reas Architecten ANS Le Garage
Arjen Reas Architecten ANS Le Garage

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